Monday, August 23, 2010

New Tree-sits in Jacoby Creek

Two forest defenders established two tree-sits in a stand of 150 year old redwoods last night. The activists are trying to stop Green Diamond from clearcutting the trees in THP 01-08145.

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Donauwelle said...

Please take the best wishes for the success of your action from Europe. I hope you will have the opportunity to be able to peacefully deconstruct all structures as practised in training when the time those trees need this special protection is fulfilled. From the crown of a German oak it is more likely to look down on a misguided state project than on a misguided corporate one, even if stimulus programs were to be counted as what they are labeled. These days, destructions which here took a thousand years to inflict, in other parts of the world are produced as we speak, the vicious clearcutting along the North-Western shores hardly being the only recent devastation around the Pacific ocean. The threat from this toxic interaction of governments and currencies is not just against this or that tree in this or that place, it is directed against the very Tree of Life itself, whose roots are being vulnerated by the evil of genetic manipulation, whose middle parts nailed up by the scourge of surveillance, and whose branches desolated by a toxic rain of ideologized greenwashing. Thanks for caring. Don't forget the rescue blanket to deter the helicopters.