Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mattole Forest Occupation Enters Eighth Day

A blockade on Long Ridge that started on July 8, continues to prevent logging by the Humboldt Redwood Company. Long Ridge is located in Humboldt County in Northern California. A tree-sitter is occupying a platform suspended 100 feet in the air with their main support line attached to,a barricade in the road. This will cause the person to be seriously injured or killed if the barricade is moved unsafely. One activist has been arrested at the blockade, and has been released.

From the Earth First! Newswire:

This marks the second action in as many weeks. Last week a tree sitter going by the name Skunk climbed into the canopy, insisting, “Our main demands to Humboldt Redwood Company are very simple—don’t cut unlogged forest, and don’t cut old-growth. This road threatens to destroy forest that has never been logged before, and will pave the way for logging even more important habitat if the community does not rise up to stop it.”

From Save Ancient Forest:

We need your support! Please let people now that the Mattole is being threatened by sheriffs and company officials. We intend to defend the Mattole. We need more defenders and more resources please get in touch if you are able. Please contact us at savemattolesancientforest@gmail.com Please also call the Humboldt Redwood Company and tell them not to log the Mattole!(707) 764-4253