Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Shunka on Cover of North Coast Journal

Forest defender Shunka Wakan is on the cover of this week's North Coast Journal. The article focuses on the Kathryn Miller vs. Trees Foundation trial in Eureka. It talks about the internal conflicts and problems in the Humboldt forest defense movement. I often worry that these problems, that have been going on for many years, will discourage people from getting involved, resulting in the loss of forest to corporate greed. If there is a community of people in Northern California who care about saving what is left of the ancient forests, maybe they will see that they need to get involved and work to make sure that there is a strong, united and well organized forest defense effort.
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

PALCO Files for Extension on Fern Gully THP


I just learned today that Pacific Lumber has filed for another one year extension on THP 01-446 where forest defenders have been sitting in the Fern Gully Tree Village for several years. Sitters had hoped to come down next week on October 8, when last year's extension expired. An activist that goes by the name of "Song" said "We'll still be there, because it's a critical area, the front line of the woods, right above people's houses. It's on a 30-80% grade." Activists are working on finding gear, clothes, tarps and supplies to get them through another winter.

PALCO Submits Plan to Sell/Subdivide Timberlands

--- The Pacific Lumber Company has submitted a plan to the Federal Bankruptcy Court that calls for selling a large part of their holdings and subdividing 22,000 acres into 160 acre parcels. The new development will be called "Redwood Ranch". The plan was on the front pages of today's SF Chronicle and Eureka Reporter. A discussion of the project can be found on the Humboldt Herald blog. The Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment has posted the entire plan at their site.

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