Sunday, October 18, 2009

Climate Action At Redwood Park Next Saturday

Saturday, October 24 is an international day of climate action, with 3559 actions planned in 161 countries, including one in Redwood Park. From the site:

Our Great Redwoods need us as much as we need them

24 October 2009 - 2:30pm - 5:30pm

We need bodies! 3pm-4pm=photo shoot. 4pm-5pm=Ishi Dube music. IT'S A PICNIC IN THE PARK. TIME TO VISIT AND LAUGH AND SEE EACH OTHER IN-PERSON. We will all come together at Redwood Park and form the number 350 with our (clothed) bodies and have our photo taken by Kyana Taillon Please arrive by 3pm to organize for photo. I am asking that you at least come for the photo! But if you have more time, please come to listen, talk, laugh, discuss, learn, teach, reach, cry, sing, dance, share, love, care, and show support for our Mother Earth. The Redwood trees will circle us, swaying in the wind, giving us thanks and praise for caring about them as much as we care about each other, animals, plants, etc. also in need of our help to reverse damage done to our environment. We can and will make a difference. People are welcome to bring picnic lunches. Musical entertainment provided by Ishi Dube It will be wonderful. All ages welcome. Please walk, bike, skate, or at least carpool! Please leave dogs/animals at home if possible or have on leash at all times. Thank you.