Saturday, January 20, 2007

God is green, but “Christian” churchs are not

“Christians” make a big show of saying that they base their actions and beliefs on what God says in the Bible. But the evidence shows that they don’t.
The God of the Bible, over and over again, tells people about the greatness and importance of the natural creation, and chides people for only revering the things that they make with their own hands. The story of Noah’s ark shows that God expects humans to go to extrordinary lengths to make sure that none of the animal species go extinct, even if humans are not the cause of the threat. How much more would God expect them to act, if they are the cause! In Revelation 11:18, God warns that he is coming to destroy those who destroy the Earth.
If “Christians” really believed in God, and cared about what the Bible says, then they would be leading environmentalists and they’re not.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dennis Kucinich for President

Dennis Kucinich is deeply committed to environmental protection, alternative energy, carbon gas reduction, sustainability, and stopping the logging of our National Forests. He was an early and bold critic of the Iraq War, and favors witdrawing our troops. Congressman Kucinich is also one of the few vegans in Congress.

For more information check out the official campaign website at

Monday, January 08, 2007

Word Sorcery

The Bush admiistration is trying to fool the American people with double speak or word sorcery. They change the name of something to get the people to support something that the people wouldn't support otherwise. Bush's "surge" used to be called escalation. Their "classic counter-insugency" used to be pacification. What failed in Vietnam, they use again with a different name, as if it's something brand new.