Saturday, January 20, 2007

God is green, but “Christian” churchs are not

“Christians” make a big show of saying that they base their actions and beliefs on what God says in the Bible. But the evidence shows that they don’t.
The God of the Bible, over and over again, tells people about the greatness and importance of the natural creation, and chides people for only revering the things that they make with their own hands. The story of Noah’s ark shows that God expects humans to go to extrordinary lengths to make sure that none of the animal species go extinct, even if humans are not the cause of the threat. How much more would God expect them to act, if they are the cause! In Revelation 11:18, God warns that he is coming to destroy those who destroy the Earth.
If “Christians” really believed in God, and cared about what the Bible says, then they would be leading environmentalists and they’re not.


Eric V. Kirk said...

Actually, the headlines of the past few days have included the fact that evangelicals are being converted, if you will, to the environmental cause.

Here's one article on the subject.

All Things Considered is airing a series on the subject this week.

Messianic Gentile said...

Have just surfed in from God knows where to God knows where, I dont know you and you dont know me. And I am not saying that I walk the same path as you, but just from the post I just scanned I wish to say that not all Christians are anti green. I am a Christian and I am environmentally sensitive. I recycle, reuse, and a number of things to lessen my impact on Creation. I need to do more, I am sure, but I appreciate those who take the lead in these things.

I am not the only one either. There are a growing number of Christians who take "stewardship" of creation very seriously. The days of doctrinal positions where at the judgment day all is believed to go up in flames before the elect "go to heaven" are numbered.

I encourage you to look into Christian theologians like N. T. Wright and others for more high octane discussions of these kinds of Christian concerns. You will find some serious thinkers more akin to your passions than in days gone by.

One of my blogs - "Gods Crowning Achievement in Creation and New Creation" is primarily dedicated to human image bearing and the impact that has on Creation. Stop by and tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you.

Many blessings...

Messianic Gentile said...

I just found this blog/post that also addresses the issues you raise here from a Christian perspective. Granted, the issue, like yours, is that other Christians are being part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Yet, it shows that many Christians are sensitive to enviro/eco issues too.

Find it at this address:

Many blessings...