Friday, September 06, 2013

Guest Post From Earthworm

This is from my friend Earthworm:
The Crisis of Imperial Colonization (Earthworm; reporting from the Earth First! Action Camp north of Willits opposed to the Cal-Trans Bypass. My views are solely expressed in solidarity with all living beings longevity.) I was born in Mendocino County, a State defined region in California nearby the Pacific Coast, a neo colony for resource extraction through corporate industry. A piece in the puzzle of the world market determined by past and present conquests, and what ends up missing in the grand picture: the land base and communal self sufficient organization of species. The diverse biology of the area, and its unique (sacred) situation within the natural geography is sacrificed continuously for the American Empire of Infrastructure and Commerce. This is demonstrated most clearly in the public management of subsides, funding the vineyard owning class, allowing them to profit off of draining the water tables for the sake of commodity alcohol. The Willits Bypass project, a Cal Trans production in progress, is another example of imperial colonialism upon the local local ecology for profit of multinational corporations (commodity trucking).Developing the Little Lake Valley, the nature made habitat has been destroyed explicitly for expansion of State control over the land base. The pretext for this war of annihilation in the wetlands is traffic congestion, a sorry excuse for devastation. 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement had set in motion a continental strategy of corporate takeover, deregulation of goods and services facilitated by a commitment to broadening the consumer base in the world. This in effect means labor is downsized, and the working population reduced to poverty in order to keep cost of hiring labor cheap. The dynamics of class rule are made most apparent when the interests of technocratic officials overrides the will of local communities collective determination, such as in Wilits over the Bypass issue. Government stimulus packages only paved the way for funding a project of Empire, concrete over the planets soil. Depression and addiction are the psychological residue of a generalized decline of a living world. The ecology is becoming a dead zone, as political economy eats away at humanities land base, our only true home, an intact Earth. Federal, State, and even Mendocino County representatives cannot seem to represent our planets best interest. Clearly shown in their public support of dams, vineyards, big box stores, financial banks, and the Wilts Bypass. Many social groupings and persons are disposed, isolated, externally represented, governed and pacified through power relations in the dictatorial economy of exploitative wages and debt/credit schemes. Society is eclipsed by mass institutional rule, an illusion of faith in progressive betterment at the expense of the here and now. Roads are a bigger priority than rivers, just as schools have a commitment to repression of creativity through repetition. We are in a social conflict between the forces of imperial command and natural autonomy of our collective anatomies. An unseen revolution is being fought. Machine against the Organism. Cal-Trans is attacking the commons by transforming the land base into a product through destructive means. Previous waves of colonization resulted in genocide and ecocide in large scales. Now the cultural and social realms are being com-modified and centralized by mass media and mass incarceration of formerly colonized. Expansion of the consumer base is by means of imperial road construction. When the industries of the government outlive the lifespans of the person involved, it is for predetermined control of the environment. Autonomous tribes in this same land subsisted many generations without a single Bypass or multiple timber companies. The Earth itself and all her specialized beings were basic a guarantee for the long term survival of common welfare. That truth remains forgotten by our false representatives. What if a multitude,a diverse population of human cultures and peoples, can co-exist with these green valleys and rolling hills, mountains and wetlands? This proposition would benefit the salmon, the elk, the trees and birds that cradle their young by branch. Self sufficient communities survived here long before the age of exploration by colonial masters, thousands of years without alienation from our nature within and without. The production of poverty is conditional and a negative phenomenon, the product of poverty sold to us as progress of mankind. The accelerated com-modification of relations in society, calls for a return to a way to subsist alternative to financial and state capital. Our being singular or plural, is linked organically to our lush surrounding, the survival of the land base will ensure our continuation of life over control. Generations have been unfortunately pacified and manipulated through anti cultural, educational standards, leaving the spirit of spontaneous and unmediated knowledge and practices out of curriculum. A class structure is taught to us, keeping our mental and physical being in sync with production of information and formal procedures, state ownership of the emerging human condition. Discipline towards obedience of state authority is programmed, rolling the mass assembly line of isolated individuals economically/politically dependent to live. The county employs apartheid regime structures onto indigenous/migrant populations in government management programs. Natives pushed onto reservations and introduced to alcohol and casino capitalism, immigrants excluded from equal participation and empowerment by an employment culture of wage exploitation. Engineering segregation of economic and social roles between the classes, a nature autonomous from imperial command is seen as alien. Such as the ecology of the wetlands, its inhabitants are being wiped from memory, covering over what was sustainable into something manageable to maintain hegemony. Centralization by commercial and state power and maintenance of the common is leading to the melting pot: boiling down to sheer corruption. Deportation is simply a nationalist identity action to enforce repression of labor mobility and border evasion, both are liberating to participants to escape imperial domination of the global south. In my own life, i honestly testify to have been seeing a civil war or breakdown amplified by a schism tearing apart my birthplace. The ghettos of urban planning based on property ownership, methamphetamine induced mass bodily pollution, and the genetically modified mass food supply have spawned no future. Long term survival is bleak as we exhaust our energies into self destruction of the planet. This reality led me to join with movements that oppose capitalist globalization and state development in attempt to reveal that society is now a mere abstraction of finance, investing in our debt to serving consumer slavery. Organisms under the gun of the law, life bound to representation, our servitude to monuments forged in genocide and class warfare still facilitate our regions plights. Inconsiderate to the rivers longevity is overly large marijuana crops and vineyard land pillage through irrigation. So much can be said about the life cycle of the salmon, the cycle of biological continuation, threatened by this Bypass and industries draining the water levels. This is a metaphor, our lives are interrupted by accumulated dependency and external reliance on the supermarket, super capitalism of mass economics. No force can represent life and all the boundless possibilities it holds. Representation over life, human or otherwise, by means of central authority of officials, is alienation of life itself. Decision made by the political and economic elite are possible to strike, with an intent of experiment, trial and error. Our very dreams are thought up unmediated, insurgent and yet within imperial command, a mutiny inside the machine. As well, our ancestors failed to escape forced assimilation to industrial production, now all of our interests are common: getting out alive by halting its further production of being, creativity beyond compromise. Democracy is presented as our only system to ensure equality, yet it relys on a delegation of social powers, and a hierarchy swamped in bribery. Genealogy of power relations in Mendocino come from institutions that summon force in representation of elite interests contradicting the local inhabitants. Police in the City of Ukiah, dead heart of this neo colony county, serve as mercenaries of corporate property and interest. The first chief of this organized effort to violence had experience in committing genocide on native for Tan Oak extraction. Now they serve the domination of laboring peoples and the unemployed to keep secure property status of workers. Detaining and arresting the many resisters to their verdict of justice is the criminal and protester, subtracting personal autonomy for population management. The grim everyday workings of this system are tied to past and present enclosures. From the first enforcement of property land ownership to the state intervention into Little Lake Valley. Yet we still have much wilderness to some degree. A vital inspiration of my methods and beliefs come from the observation and direct participation in natural liberty, free interdependence with each-other, and primal will of autonomy. These notions come from the land itself, not from the minds of businessmen or ideologues of development. Fragmentation of one link in the food web of our community results in the gradual decline of all. Migratory bird nests have been cut during construction on the south end and indigenous burial grounds are set to be developed. The site of development is on remnants of a Baku village. Many have stood up in defiance to the California Department of Transportation (40 arrests) including my friends Warbler (2 month tree sit and hunger striker) and Red Tailed Hawk (occupier of the north end wick crane) halting colonization of the land. Today we still stand in opposition in this county towards a machine endangering the health of all, we do not worship the idol of development and Empire. Globalization has harvested our well being in multiple forms to re-formalize power away from natural organisms and into automatons of representation guided by commerce. Recently myself and comrade Feather resisted this reality by locking down to the botttom of a haul truck on its way to fill 20 ft. by Oct. 15th in Little Lake Valley. This is a turning point: We rise above the current industrial system, or be consumed by it, land and body.