Thursday, December 17, 2009

Redwood Saviors or Cyber Criminals?

I just received this in an email from the Center for Biological Diversity:

"Redwood Saviors or Cyber Criminals? Center Supporters Update Democracy

5,100 of the Center for Biological Diversity's supporters love the redwoods so much they deluged the California Department of Transportation with emails complaining of the agency's plan to slice a road through the gorgeous Richardson Grove in the state's remove North Coast.

Rather than responding to the public's concern, the Department of Transportation called the State Police Cyber Crime Division to report that they were under attack by hostile forces. Apparently interacting with the public was "diverting" the agency from its real job -- chopping down forests and paving the wilderness. A crime if there ever was one.

A police investigation determined that the agency was suffering from an acute case of citizen involvement, to which there is no cure.

Learn more about Richardson Grove

. Then tell CalTrans today that the public wants its redwoods standing, not paved"