Thursday, July 09, 2009

Photos From The Round River Rendezvous

Last week, Earth First!ers from all over the country gathered at Huckleberry Gap in Oregon for the annual Round River Rendezvous. It seemed to me that everything went very well, although I have not attended that many Rondys. Here are some photos that I took.

Elliott Free State Is No More

This morning, Oregon police removed the remaining protesters from the blockade and arrested them. Twenty-seven people were arrested over the last two days. Some of those arrested were using jail solidarity tactics. Cascadia Rising Tide and Cascadia Summer still need what ever kind of support that people can give. The action was certainly successful in that it brought attention to the issues of bad forest management and unsustainable logging practices.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Elliott Forest Update from Portland IMC

Free State update

up date on the Cascadia free state
yesterday a group of Cascadia Earth First!ers and Rising Tide members took action against the continued liquidation and destruction of Oregon's Elliot State Forest. Using sky pods, bipods, road blockades, overturned cargo vans, lock downs and many other beautiful installations, the road to Umpcoos Ridge timber sale has been occupied, held and reclaimed for
the forest, the people and future generations.

This morning the block was raided with 60+ cops who came equipt with bulldozers ect.

22 protesters are being held at the Douglas County jail in Roseburg, Oregon. Protesters on the outside of the blockade have been forced 5 miles away from the blockade. It is highly likely, based on screams that police are using PAIN COMPLIANCE on the locked down protesters.

As more info as to how people can show solidarity arises word will be put up...for more info

17 Arrests So Far, Blockade Holding

As of early this afternoon police in Oregon report arresting 17 activists at the Elliott Free State. Reports say that 50-60 State troopers are involved in the operation. So far they have been unable to remove eight protesters that are part of the road blockade. This video taken Monday afternoon shows police trying to get information from some of the people that are locked down at the gate. Here is a link to news footage:

Elliott Free State Raided this Morning

Reports from Oregon this morning indicate that at least twenty police arrived this morning with a paddy wagon, fire engine, and bulldozer. Cascadia Rising Tide is asking supporters and concerned citizens to call Oregon officials. More info at

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New Free State in Cascadia Blocks Logging

On Monday morning loggers trying to get to the Unpcoos Ridge timber sale were surprised to find the road blocked by activists. I will expand this article soon, but right now I am too tired after a long drive back from Oregon and little sleep in the last two days.
Cascadia Free State
For more information go to