Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Breaking News: Road Blockade in Jacoby Creek

Activists calling themselves Redwood Forest Defenders put up a road blockade in Jacoby Creek this morning to halt Green Diamond timber operations. An activist called Fly is sitting in a sky-pod to keep loggers out. At last report at least five Humboldt County Sheriffs were on the scene. The action is near a public road, so forest defenders are encouraging members of the public to come out to support and witness the action.

Update at 7:50 am: One activist arrested at the blockade. Loggers managed to get through but pod-sitter is still in the air above the road.

Update #2 at 8:33: Press Release from Redwood Forest Defense:

Redwood Forest Defense
For Immediate Release: August 18, 2010
Jay Freeman (707) 845-8268

Forest Activists Blockade Clear-cut Logging In Jacoby Creek!

Early Tuesday morning forest defenders set up a 60 ft high road blockade to stop the active clear-cutting operations of Green Diamond Resource Company in the redwoods near Jacoby Creek Road north of Eureka in Humboldt County. These clear-cut logging plans represent a mere fraction of the ongoing clear-cut logging operations in Northern California.

“We are not coming down voluntarily until the reckless logging in the Jacoby Creek watershed is stopped,” said "Fly", one of the activists from atop the 60 ft high hanging platform

Citing concern for the local redwood eco-system as well as global climate change, the activists scaled rope structures made to block the entrance of a logging road. The blockades were constructed so that if moved or damaged, the activists could fall from a considerable height. Several pickup trucks and a van full of workers had to turn back when they arrived. One of the workers from the van started cutting the rope before supporters on the ground could stop him.

“This is about global eco-cide,” said Fly , “We are doing this to preserve life on this planet, to fight climate change, loss of species and threats to our ability to survive.”

Recent studies from botanist Steve Sillett, of Humboldt State University show that Redwoods grow faster as they grow older, storing huge amounts of carbon and slowing the rate of global warming. There is currently a collaboration of conservationists and scientists using highly advanced technology to decode the information stored in redwood tree trunks, branches and leaves to study the effects of climate change on these giants.

It has also been found that fog decrease is threatening California’s Redwood forests as reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. University of Berkley Professor Todd Dawson commented, "As fog decreases, the mature redwoods along the coast are not likely to die outright, but there may be less recruitment of new trees. They will look elsewhere for water, high humidity and cooler temperatures." (Reuters, Feb.15, 2010)

Location: From Bayside post office take Jacoby Creek Rd, go right on Quarry Rd 0.2 miles

THP Information:

Green Diamond THP # 1-08-145
Name: G-127
50.6 acres total
33.1 acres clearcutting
15.3 acres selection
2.2 no-harvest
Green Diamond THP # 1-08-153
Name: Rocky Washington
66 acres total
39.5 acres clearcut
14.0 selection
12.5 no-harvest

Update #3: More info at

I first wrote that the activists were associated with Earth First! Humboldt and later learned that they were actually with another group.


Anonymous said...

Hey what happened with the road block? Did you know that there are people dying in Haiti, a massive flood in Pakistan, two fucking wars going on, and on-going, legal 100-acre clearcuts in Oregon? And, you fuckheads are in Jacoby Creek?!? Smoke more weed and continue to believe you are doing good in this world while there are far greater injustices occuring only 200 miles away!

Legalize it and you will fall further in the soup of apathy that keeps these types of stupid protests going!

Stop Clearcutting! said...

If we keep destroying our own climate we will have many more floods like the one in Pakistan. You believe a 100 acre clear-cut in Oregon is an injustice but it's ok to cut thousands of acres piecemeal clear-cuts in California?

Fredric said...

I love the photographs of the tree sling platform. I stole a copy. }:-}

Anonymous said...

Make up your minds! Half the enviros say these trees are too small to cut and the other half says they are too big. Just admit that you are against logging and build your house out of mud or you'll be a hipocrite.