Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tree-sitters in Arcadia

I noticed this story in the L.A. Times. Seems like you would expect this more in Arcata than Arcadia. For those who don't know, Arcadia is in Southern California and Arcata in Northern California, and I have noticed that some people get the names confused.


cassandra said...

Once more I am saddened by the actions of humans. I am sure there was an alternative. What is wrong with humans? I guess it stems from a disconnect with nature & a dominion over the earth & other species. Doesn't the bible speak of this abhorrent practic of domination. One more nail in the coffin against religion.

Bobby Dias said...

Cassandra, you are saddened by what you started your mind without any knowledge that those trees in Arcadia were put there in the
1950s with the full knowledge that they would be taken out someday to serve the purpose of flood control for 100,000s of human beings. You are very selfish to live in your own mind without going there to see and meet those 100,000s that are saved. I am not saddened and I am like a father to those trees- I planted those trees by seed at the request of the Flood Control District. Are you saying that you are closer than the father of anything or anybody?