Thursday, April 24, 2008

Roger Rodoni Dies in Car Crash

Second District Supervisor Roger Rodoni was killed this afternoon in a car accident on Highway 101, just north of Rio Dell. Besides being a Humboldt County Supervisor, Rodoni was a rancher and was a teacher for nine years. He was born in Scotia. He was on his way to a fundraiser for his reelection campaign when the crash occurred. A biography can be found on his campaign website. His opponent Estelle Fennel announced that she is suspending her campaign. In the comments section on Heraldo's blog it says there’s a statewide rule that if the incumbent dies within 60 days of the election, the vote won’t count and another election day must be set.

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Eric V. Kirk said...

Actually, the rule only applies when there are only two candidates on the ballot. This election will proceed with Roger's name on it, and if he prevails he will be replaced by whatever policy replaces people when they die in office.