Thursday, September 20, 2007

PL cyber-spy urges activists to go after SPI

In recent comments on forest defense blog posts, a "Marin Dan" has suggested that forest defenders should leave Pacific Lumber alone and protest against Sierra Pacific instead. He says he doesn't work for PL, but all of the evidence says he does. He claims to be a retired teacher living in Marin County, but his posts demonstrate an intimate knowledge of PL timber plans in Humboldt County. His post times coincide with hits from a PL ISP in Scotia. There are no doubt some good reasons to protest against SPI, but his suggestion that SPI would be tougher on trespassers sounds crazy to me. His comments can be found on this blog, Save Ancient Forests, and Humboldt Forest Defense Association.


Bolithio said...

No way - I think your mistaken. I have read most of his posts and I really don't think he works for PALCO. I work within the so-called "timber industry" and my impression of Dan is that he is someone who is merely interested in the subject. Thats all. Ive disagreed with his opinions before but Ill defend him here - becuase labeling him as some sort of spy is completely paranoid and does not help your cause in any way.

Fact: SPI holds a much larger land base than PALCO.

Fact: SPI is much much more aggressive with their management policies.

Fact: Most of their land is east and not in HUM/MENDO so for the most part for people who rarely get off the coast they seem out of site - out of mind.

Am I advocating protesting on SPI lands? NO

I think you mis-interpreted his statements. He was asking why Earth First does not go after the bigger more aggressive logging companies - which is a valid question. (Even if the way he put it was biased - a common theme in emotionally charged issues)

BUT - Maybe I am wrong and PALCO (a company that cant afford to even keep their mill running full time) has hired a spy to troll internet activism blogs...

Forest Defender said...

I think I might be wrong about him working for PL Maybe he works for SCOPAC. You think he is posting from Marin? Who can explain what my stat service is reporting? How can anyone think it is coincidence that every time he posts a comment I get hits from PL's ISP address?

Bolithio said...

My bad - I didn't see your "stat service" - sort of a form of spying as well eh? lol

Oh well. I still don't think he is a hired spy by Maxxam et al.

Forest Defender said...

It can be for spying, but it has other uses as info collection. You might want to tailor your site to audience needs like browser. I usually don't pay much attention to it, except to see if PL is monitoring. Obviously, keeping track of PL is what we are all about.

John Doe #86 said...

Well done Forest Defender.