Friday, September 14, 2007

David Chain Memorial Vandalized

While I was at Grizzly Creek State Park for our action camp, I visited the David "Gypsy" Chain memorial and saw how it has been defaced and vandalized. Shame on the ignorant, mean-spirited person or persons responsible. It is not enough for them that David Chain was killed by a logger, so they do this to his memorial plaque. A hole has been drilled into Gypsy's forehead and it has been defaced with red paint. Pacific Lumber Company should replace or repair the memorial. Please contact them about this matter.
PALCO Main Office
P.O. Box 37
Scotia, CA 95565
(707) 764-2222


John Doe #86 said...

I understand why you're upset by this but it can'tbe blamed on the entire timber community. This was an act of hate perpetrated by a seemingly few individuals. PL should have it replaced like you said.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why you think PL should replace it unless you think the company is responsible for defacing it. Why don't you post a reward for the culprits instead of laying it at PL's feet.

Forest Defender said...

Because Pacific Lumber paid for the memorial as part of a settlement of a wrongful death lawsuit. Since a PALCO faller killed Gypsy, replacing it seems to me the decent thing to do.

jon abbott said...

The same way Earth First get's blamed for every travesty, PL should hold accountability. One example would be the tree spike that hurt a mill worker was blamed on EF, however the real perpetrator was a man spiking his trees on private property to dissuade PL from logging his private property.

_JT Abbott