Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Protesters Block Logging Roads in Oregon

From Cascadia Forest Defenders:

Tuesday, July 26th, Coos County , Oregon

Early Tuesday morning a number of activists with Cascadia Forest Defenders, and Cascadia Earth First! unfolded a series of road blockades in the Elliott State Forest, located in Coos County, closing access points to timber sales along the west fork of the Millicoma River. The blockades consist of an array of Tree-sits and ground level locking devices. The activists are prepared to block logging in this sensitive eco-system for as long as necessary.

The sales are all slated for clear-cut logging, and are areas of native forest that have never before seen a chain saw. They exist on steep slopes where erosion from logging threatens to further damage Salmon habitat, as well as devastate already dwindling numbers of protected species such as the Marbled Murrelet and the Northern Spotted Owl. Native forests refers to forest that has never before been logged, but can include forests that have experienced wildfire. Please see www.forestdefensenow.com for regular updates on this developing situation.


Recon Rick said...

I just recieved this message from Cascadia Forestdefenders:
Alert : Some locations at our elliott blockades have come under attack. Please Contact your local Oregon Media outlets and demand they get photographers and videographers to the location NOW

Recon Rick said...

Law enforcement arrived at a tree sit in the Elkhorn Ranch timber sale and announced to the activists that they would be forcibly removed if they did not leave the forest by thursday, July 28th at noon. The activists do not plan to leave.

John Egan said...

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! I admire the Big Brass Set on ANYone willing to do this! Lady Gaia FIRST! (Prove im not a robot?) FREE CASCADIA!