Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tree-sitter Arrested in Richardson Grove

A tree-sitter that goes by the forest name "Ozark" was arrested early this morning, as he attempted to climb a redwood tree in the southern part of Richardson Grove State Park. The activist whose real name is Lucas Wright was arrested by a park ranger on a misdeameanor charge of climbing more than 10 feet in a tree. Wright was one of the people who sat in trees in Freshwater in 2003.


Lucas said...
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Anonymous said...

..arrested after climbing the tree and setting a new line. The original line that he climbed had already been cut by the rangers before he set a new climb-line. The line he climbed was hanging over a branch that extended it several feet away from the tree and toward the road, and the end of the rope was ten feet off of the ground.

The tree was surrounded by rangers and CHP very shortly after Ozark got to the rope set up his climbing gear.

CHP and park rangers interfered with ground support who had attempted to get Ozark the banner and other supplies up the tree with the new line hours before. He was arrested after using the new line that would reach the ground rappel to the ground to where the banner was stashed.

The "Defend America's Roots" banner didn't make it up the tree. He came down in the early morning hours to attempt to climb back up the tree with the banner and other gear that was stashed in a hollow log near the base of the tree, but he was arrested in the process.

Anonymous said...

What a douche. Most of these protesters grow bigger pot plants than the size of the trees that are going to be cut.