Monday, February 07, 2011

CalTrans Occupation Going on Now!

Six protesters are locked together in metal pipes in the CalTrans lobby, surrounded by dozens of supporters. The lobby has been occupied by protesters for about three hours.

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Anonymous said...

Newspapers including the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and the Times Standard are reporting 12 people have been arrested. A blogger on the Humboldt Herald reported that the police used tasers on the protesters and used a protective plastic sheet to hide what was happening as they tried to saw the people who were locked together apart. What do you know?

I was there only until 1, but it was an upbeat protest full of people who were genuinely concerned for the trees and for the environment.

Also of note is that the Santa Rosa Press Democrat article could easily have been written by Caltrans. It outlined all the reasons that allegedly the road widening would not hurt the trees. Very irritating!