Monday, February 15, 2010

EF! Winter Rendezvous Ends with Anti-oil Actions

The annual Earth First Organizers' Conference and Winter Rendezvous ended with a day of actions in Santa Barbara against offshore oil drilling. The first action was a protest at the PXP Oil Heating Facility in Gaviota. Activists then went to the office of the Environmental Defense Center to protest their support for new offshore drilling. Next was a stop at Stearn's Wharf and finally protesters gave out leaflets on State Street.

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Anonymous said...

You guys do realize that:
-PXP is already drilling from that very lease;
-This 'deal with the devil' ends oil drilling from that lease in Santa Barbara in a few years...there is no such deadline in place now;
-Removes four existing oil platforms and two onshore processing facilites;
-EDC, Get Oil Out and Citizens Planning Association have been fighting against offshore oil longer than many Earth Firsters have been alive.

I love Earth First. And Earth First should consider the big picture benefits of the existing agreement.