Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gypsy's Family and Friends Gather in SoHum

Friends and family of David Nathan Chain gathered in Southern Humboldt last night to mark the tenth anniversary of his death. People that I talked to were very pleased with the new location of the Gypsy Memorial Plaque. The memorial was moved because it was repeatedly vandalized at the old location on Hwy. 36. The memorial has been restored by the artist and is now owned by Gypsy's mother instead of Pacific Lumber.


high blood pressure prevention said...

this is really cool

Anonymous said...

Where is the memorial now? I was sad to see it gone when I looked for it last month.

evac said...

The Gypsy Memorial has been moved to the Southern Humboldt Community Park in Garberville by consensus. It was being vandalized in its former location.