Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vote No on 98!

If you live in California, please vote No on Proposition 98 and Yes on 99. Prop. 98 is opposed by the Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, the Environmental Defense Fund, and other environmental groups. The Environmental Defense Fund says:

"Under the guise of property rights protection, a coalition of wealthy mobile home park landlords placed Proposition 98 on the ballot.

If passed, Proposition 98 would:

  • Undermine groundbreaking climate policies in California.
  • Impede virtually all environmental efforts including habitat conservation, smart growth planning and water and air quality improvement.
  • Eliminate rent control along with other tenant protections.

Together with other environmental groups and local governments, Environmental Defense Fund is supporting Prop 99. It protects private property owners from having their property seized for development. Prop 99 preserves a vital property right without compromising the environment."

For more information visit noprop98.org

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