Monday, April 16, 2007

Step It Up 2007 - Cut Carbon 80% by 2050

Last Saturday, I was part of the Step It Up campaign to tell Congress to cut carbon 80% by 2050. Over 1300 actions were planned nationwide. Locally, people planted 500 native willow trees. It is very disturbing to me to see that some people still deny that global warming is a real problem. They seem to think that Al Gore just made it all up to further his own importance, and then hypnotized or bribed all the world's scientists into going along. I suppose they think that only the tireless effort of Exxon-Mobil to debunk Gore's idea- will save us all. It's the worst kind of insanity. Another disturbing development is that the timber industry is using global warming as an excuse to cut all the remaining old growth. The extreme craziness and evil is becoming overwhelming to me.


PumpkinNiki said...

I was part of Step It Up 2007 in Charleston, SC, this past saturday! It was nowhere near the size it should've been! The host apparently didn't make sure the press was aware of it! :( A shame to see such wasted potential!

It is hard to believe that people still don't know better. But then again, when you have people that do know better but are purposely against it...teaching others that global warming doesn't exist.....what more can you expect?!

I will try to find that video that shows that humans were aware of global warming as early as the 1950's! I just watched it a few days ago. I'll try to send it to your myspace page.....when I find it again! :)

---Niki :)

Anonymous said...

PLEASE try to use the term 'Climate Change' as that is actually what is going on, and maybe people will 'get it' if they quit hearing 'global warming'-
That term doesnt seem to bother them, as they think that just means 'nicer winters'