Monday, March 05, 2007

Anti-war Protest in Eureka

This morning, about thirty people protested against the Iraq war, at Congressman Mike Thompson's office in Eureka. After displaying signs and banners outside, the demonstrators went inside to express their concerns to office manager Liz Murguia. The protesters want Thompson to support Lynn Woolsey's House Resolution 508. They will demonstrate again at the office next Monday, and a larger protest will be held on Saturday, March 17 at noon at the Eureka Courthouse. Townhall meetings are planned for sometime after that, as local activists try to ramp up opposition to Bush's war policy.

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Messianic Gentile said...

I hope this makes a difference. I have opposed this war since the beginning. It has proven to be the nightmare I feared all along. President Bush went into it like a cowboy, and now that the bar is all shot up, the Hatfields and McCoys are just going at it hammer and tong.

I live down in Texas where it seems war is just in the water or something. It is amazing how many "love-your-neighbor" Christian types get so wrapped up in devotion to Bush (and thus the war) and cannot see their way clear to work for peace. It is a huge dissapointment.

However, this is not true for all Christians, even here in Texas (though we are few down here). But being a minority on this gets frustrating.

I pray for peace. I hope your efforts there are affective for that cause.

Many blessings...