Friday, December 08, 2006

Subject My first forest action: re-supply for Julia Butterfly

My first forest action was a re-supply hike to the Luna tree-sit, in Sept. 1998, where Julia "Butterfly" Hill was sitting in the ancient redwood tree "Luna". Julia went on to become world famous for sitting in Luna for almost two years, without ever coming down to touch the ground. She finally came down after reaching an agreement with the Pacific Lumber Company to save Luna. She then wrote a best-selling book: The Legacy of Luna. In early 1999, I was tree-sitting on Gypsy Mountain and would listen on my walkie-talky to Juliia talking to her visitors from around the world. Gypsy Mountain and Luna were not too far apart, as the crow flies. When I had an accident, and broke my back while repelling from the Stop-sign tree-sit, Julia climbed to the tip-top of Luna to talk to me on the walkie-talky, while I was laying immobile, waiting for rescuers to arrive.

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